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Readiness For Change


Congratulations! You did it!

The very fact that you're here on this website means you're ready to experience change in your life, in your family, or in your relationship. That's the first step--readiness--and it's often the hardest! 


Free Consultation


Text or call me at (209)-765-4691 or email me to schedule a free and confidential 15-minute phone consultation. Please leave me a message indicating your name, the best way to reach you, and the times you are available for the consultation. Please allow up to two business days for a response.

The consultation will cover a variety of topics including any risks you are facing and your primary reason for seeking therapy. I will answer your questions regarding the therapeutic process, the types of therapy I provide, and the next steps including scheduling your first session.


If my approach is not a good match for your needs or if I am not accepting new clients, I will gladly provide you with an appropriate referral. I'm here to help.


Before the First Session


Once scheduled for your first session, you will receive a welcome email with a link to my Client Portal. Please be sure to log-in and eSign your new client paperwork at least 24-hours before your first session or the session will have to be canceled. If you have any questions regarding the paperwork, please feel free to call me to discuss prior to signing.

During our first session, we will review some components of the new client paperwork, complete an initial assessment and evaluation, discuss any relevant diagnosis, and set some treatment objectives.

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